Mobile Denture Lab

Broken denture? Stay home, stay safe, we’ve got you covered!

We have a fully equipped denture repair vehicle that can come and collect your denture, a fully qualified GDC registered technician will repair your denture whilst you wait in the comfort and safety of your own home. We will return your denture to your front door in less than an hour!

The best part of all, if we can’t fix it – you don’t pay!

Try not to use any home repair remedies like superglue, this would only be a temporary fix and may require you to see a dentist for a new mould of your mouth prior to repairing your denture or possibly result in a new denture being required.

Call our team to get a price and time slot for your denture repair. Phone lines are open 24/7!

How it works

  • Call our team and book a time slot that works for you
  • We call you when we are nearly at your address ready for you to package your denture in your chosen safe spot outside (this can be in a bag or Tupperware, whatever suits you)
  • We will take your denture to our repair vehicle and disinfect it thoroughly
  • Our skilled technician will remove the broken area of the denture and replace it with brand new acrylic
  • We then re-disinfect your denture
  • Package and return your denture to your safe spot.
  • The monetary transaction can be taken via cash or card – if you are paying by card we will do this with you over the phone. Cash can be left separate from the denture.
  • You’re whole again! Why not write us a google review and let other people know about your experience with us?

For more information or to book in a call

Call us on 01202 922 280 or fill out the form and one of our experts will call you back.