Time to Talk 03/02/23

Posted in News, on the 2nd February 2023, by Eleanor

Why is talking so important?


Talking helps to create supportive communities where we feel empowered to seek help and support others. Speaking about mental health keeps the dialogue open and normalises a subject many of us face. Every year, one in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem (source: mind.org.uk). Time to Talk Day is about encouraging everyone to make space in their day for a conversation about mental health.


How do you participate?


Unfortunately, many people don’t feel comfortable about talking about mental health, especially if they fear judgment from others. Public awareness and understanding of mental health play an important role in ending the stigma around mental health issues, which only act as a barrier to those needing help and support.


Approximately only 1 in 3 adults with a common mental health problem are currently getting treatment in the form of talking therapies, medication, or both (source: mind.org.uk).


There are a lot of ways people can contribute to creating a positive attitude around how we view and support mental health.



Check in with a friend.

Ask questions and listen.

Think about time and place.

Don’t try and fix it.

Treat them the same.

Be patient.



Remember to look after yourself as well as others!!!

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