Eleanor Pittard

Managing Director

Holding our team together is Eleanor. She gained her BSc in Management with Entrepreneurship and MSc in Digital Marketing from Southampton University and moved straight into business development and marketing. After working in product sales for a time she made the move to dentistry in order to spend more time with ‘customers’. She moved swiftly through the ranks, achieving the position of assistant practice manager of a prestigious implant referral practice in less than 3 years despite having little knowledge of dentistry prior to the position.

Eleanor spent the last few years advancing her knowledge in implant dentistry and dental prosthesis work. Eleanor has attended numerous workshops and seminars on implants; forensic dentistry; dental practice management and marketing; viewing live surgery and even working part-time in a dental laboratory to better understand how the teeth are made!

She has helped to grow an award-winning private dental implant practice, and an award-winning dental laboratory both of which, despite the Covid pandemic are still going strong which is a testament to her leadership skills. She has passed multiple CQC inspections and recently made the decision to step away from the day-to-day running of the practice and laboratory and instead focus on the business development of both.

Eleanor is currently a judge for the prestigious Private Dentistry Awards held by FMC which judges dental practices and their teams across the UK

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Digital Marketing

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Content Creation

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Harry Potter knowledge

2020 – Present

Laboratory Director

Eleanor joined Emily in co-directing the laboratory and taking on the business management side

2018 – Present

Practice and Laboratory Manager

Joining the Dorset Dental Team as their Practice Manager, fresh from managing a specialist implant practice for 3 years, Eleanor brought an unstoppable creativity and passion for patient care. Since joining the team Eleanor has completing further training in GDPR; Safeguarding and Fire Training in order to make sure she stays up-to-date with relevant legislation.

2013 – 2018

Assistant Practice Manager

Moving swiftly through the ranks from administration and reception to marketing and finally to assistant practice manager in under 3 years, Eleanor showed a flair for organisation, efficiency and creativity. Eleanor had no prior dental knowledge when she joined the team at this practice but worked hard to gain a strong understanding of implant dentistry and how the patient journey could be improved with better education and good delegation of different parts of the experience to the right people.

2012 – 2013

Marketing and Digital Design

Joining a wholesale team straight from university, Eleanor developed strong skills in online marketing and digital design using the adobe suite. Working predominately independently she learnt the art of effectively organising her day to be the most productive and worked hard to improve her design skills.

2010 – 2011

MSc Digital Marketing

2007 – 2010

BSc Management with Entrepreneurship

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