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Improve my Smile

Here at the Hive Dental Clinic, we want your new smile to suit you. We pride ourselves in making our bespoke handmade teeth chameleon in with your natural standing teeth.

Whiter Teeth

Around 41% of Britons would opt for teeth whitening treatment if they could. So why don’t you?


A denturist has expert training in the aesthetic design, creation, care, and application of dentures

Denture Repair

We provide both a walk-in and drop-in service for denture repair. Located in the centre of Bournemouth we are in easy reach of bus and train route with an NCP carpark just next door.

Denture Stabilisation

A common cause for dentures feeling loose or fracturing is being ill-fitting. The older the denture, usually means the older the wearer, unfortunately with age our gums change and they start to recede away leaving the denture to bounce around.

Denture Cleaning

Here at The Hive Dental Laboratory we only use our incredible Sympro denture cleaning unit to take care of your cleaning your denture

Denture Addition

A one tooth denture addition usually only takes around hour in the laboratory, enquire about our mobile laboratory services and how we can come to your dental practice to do this whilst you wait.

Dental Implants

Dental implant treatment is very cost-effective in the long-term and because we only work with the best dental surgeons and dentists, we know how predictably safe dental implant treatment can be.

New Dentures

New dentures can completely transform a smile, so we like to take extra care with ours. We always consult with you to make sure you are happy with the shade and the look before we finalise anything.

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