Improve my smile

Perfect Smile

A new smile doesn’t have to mean bright white teeth, that look square and blocky – unless that’s exactly what you want of course!

Here at the Hive Dental Clinic, we want your new smile to suit you. We pride ourselves in making our bespoke handmade teeth chameleon in with your natural standing teeth. This means that no one will ever know you’re wearing a denture. Having a prestigious multi-award-winning dental laboratory on-site enables us to match to even the most complex shaded teeth and gums.

Yes, you read that right, we even shade match your denture to your gum! No more blocky pink dentures, we characterise all dentures with the natural contours and shading to anatomically blend into your mouth.

Missing teeth?

Did you know, in the UK, each adult on average has lost 6 teeth! Also 6% of the population in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have no teeth at all – this means that roughly 2.7 million adults across the UK are missing all their teeth!

In other words, you are not alone. Missing teeth can be embarrassing, not to mention the effect it can have on both your oral and natural health, but it can be easily solved with some restorative and ongoing dental care.

There are a range of options for missing teeth, the most popular of which are:

  • Dental implants
  • Dentures
  • Bridges
  • Retainers

To know what option is best for you we would need to see you for a no-obligation consultation to enable us to outline a proposed treatment plan. With some options available to improve your smile in just one visit!

Discoloured teeth?

Discolouration is normal for teeth; it can be from staining food and drink such as curry and coffee. Or habits such as smoking or a poor tooth brushing schedule. It can even be down to genetics and overbrushing! Yes, you can brush your teeth too much which can wear down the enamel revealing the next layer of your tooth structure, which is called your dentine. This is more of a ‘yellowy’ colour for most people and the only way to brighten this is with whitening.

There are a couple of options at the Hive Dental Clinic:

  1. Vivid stain removing treatment
  2. Individual tooth to full mouth whitening

These options can help restore your confidence in your smile in our understanding and patient-focused environment. Please book a treatment coordinating appointment with one of our team to give you your treatment options.

Broken teeth?

Please do not leave this untreated! Unfortunately, when it comes to your teeth it tends to be the only bone in your body that if broken and there isn’t initial pain, people can often leave it untreated. The problem with broken teeth is that harmful bacteria can bury deeper into the broken tooth and if it manages to reach the nerve that lives inside each tooth then it can cause not only dreadful toothache but can also result in the tooth being lost – this results in more complex and costly restorative plans. Unfortunately loosing one tooth and not closing the gap results in somewhat of a domino effect within the oral cavity causing more tooth loss and/or tooth movement.

The options for resolving a broken tooth are varied:

  1. Filling the broken tooth (This can be using a tooth-coloured material)
  2. Root Canal Treatment (This is an option if the bacteria/decay has reached the nerve)
  3. Extraction (If the broken tooth is unable to have root canal treatment this may be the only option)

Booking in with us as soon as possible will allow us to act fast to save the tooth and restore your smile!

Getting the perfect smile

71% of UK adults don’t feel confident showing their teeth when they smile for a photo! We want to lower that statistic or obliterate it entirely! Here at the Hive Dental Clinic, we like to do things differently.

We are lucky enough to have the UK’s best dental laboratory attached to the clinic. Meaning our patients can have a unique experience by having the people/person who is making their smile meet them. We offer smile analysis consultations with the laboratory to enable you to see a digital proposed smile prior to going ahead with final treatment.

Perfect smiles can be different for everyone, and we want to help create your perfect smile with a full range of dental options from dental implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, veneers or even whitening. Your smile is in safe hands with the Hive Dental Clinic’s award-winning team. Make your first step to being ‘smile for the camera ready’ by booking a consultation with the award-winning Emily Pittard.

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