What is the difference between a Denturist and a Dentist?

Acrylic denture being repaired by technician

The names are similar, the fields are similar, and, in the UK, we call Denturists ‘Clinical Dental Technicians’ which is a rather long name, but anyone who is looking into dentures should understand the difference and be aware of what the two professionals can do.

A denturist has expert training in the aesthetic design, creation, care, and application of dentures, while a dentist may have general knowledge in this field as their focus is on preserving all teeth and more complex restorative work.

upper acrylic denture with gum contouring and tooth characterisation

Training and Experience

The key difference between a dentist and a denturist with regards to dentures is the level of comprehensive training and knowledge around the bespoke creation and repair of artificial teeth and gums. Denturists have an in-depth understanding of denture material because they are also qualified dental technicians which means they have qualified in two scopes of practice under the GDC. They also understand artificial tooth and gum wear, and fitting techniques.

A trained denturist can craft the most complex of dental fixtures, including partial dentures, dentures secured to implants, and other custom appliances in a laboratory and so will have no problem in discussing the best options available to you and how they will wear in the mouth.

Their role in the dental team

Their primary role in a dental practice is to replace missing teeth with full, partial, or implant-supported dentures. Their ability to determine your denture requirements and their expertise in creating and adjusting dentures sets them apart from a general dentist and a dental technician. They have the combined clinical and technical knowledge to produce something completely bespoke and can normally do so at a faster pace than dentists as they can produce the work themselves. Often dentists and denturists work together to ensure the most optimal replacement solution for your teeth and to provide quality aftercare.

A Perfect Smile

It is important to note that everyone should still visit a dentist regularly for their ongoing healthcare. Denturists cannot examine or treat your gums or remaining natural teeth so you will need to see a dentist for ongoing care and oral hygiene checks.

Emergency Repairs

Broken dentures or missing teeth on dentures can make eating & speaking difficult or uncomfortable. By working with our denturist and our onsite dental laboratory, you’ll gain access to timely emergency repairs and replacements if needed.

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