Bespoke Denture Design

We like to set ourselves apart from the classic ‘Tom and Jerry’ dentures. We take pride in making bespoke denture prosthesis, with unique characterisation and designed perfectly to your patient’s natural teeth and gingiva.

When it comes to getting things right, we prefer to go the extra mile. With this in mind you can book one of our technicians to come to your clinic to take a gingival shade or your patient can attend our laboratory and chat to our technicians direct.

This has become increasingly popular as patients have become more and more interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ and to see where you have sent their dental work. You can rest assured that your patient is in safe hands, we have a bespoke patient area and a photography suite ready for taking the best shade photos. Every patient has left our premises feeling excited about their new smile.

Behind the Denture

We hate the idea of dentures fracturing or breaking, which is why we use high impact acrylic on all of our cases. Our dental models are made using the strongest stone to ensure minimal shrinkage. We return all acrylic prosthesis back to your clinic in a sealed bag of water to ensure there is no distortion of the prosthesis from us finalising to you fitting.

We like to maximise on natural looking smiles and aim to achieve high aesthetic results whether it be for a temporary 1 tooth denture or complete upper and lower locator-retained dentures so we use Enigma life teeth on all our dentures as we love the composite and acrylic hybrid benefits of harder wearing teeth with incredibly lifelike natural aesthetics.

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