Denture Stabilisation

A common cause for dentures feeling loose or fracturing is due to them being ill-fitting.

The older the denture, usually means the older the denture wearer – unfortunately with age our gums change and they start to recede away leaving the denture to bounce around. A sought after option prior to having new dentures is a denture reline!

Denture relines consist of filling the gap between your denture and your gum with new acrylic.

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How it works

Man with dentist looking at a denture

With 3 simple steps you could be on your way to having a more comfortable denture:

  • Visit your dentist – if you don’t have one we can recommend some brilliant dentists! They will take an impression of your mouth inside your denture and disinfect ready for us.
  • Bring the denture to us, or, if allowed, stay in your dentist waiting room whilst we come and collect the denture. We will add new acrylic to your denture bridging the gap between your gum and your denture.
  • Take the denture back to your dentist for them to fit to ensure it feels comfortable

Have you got implants? Not a problem! If your denture clips on and off your implants and you’re finding food is trapping underneath, we can reline in the same 3 steps as mentioned above!

We can liaise with your dentist to get this service done in the shortest amount of time to ensure you are back with your teeth within a single working day!

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