Crown and Bridge

We work hard at the Hive Dental Laboratory to create beautiful, natural-looking teeth – a smile that is as close to nature as we can get! We have invested in the leading materials in ceramics and sought out incredibly talented ceramic artisans so we can create a patient’s smile exactly how they would like it.

Recreating nature is a tricky job, but it is one that we relish in! The perfect imperfections that reside within the smile of your unique patient will be recreated as seamlessly as humanly possible. Our ceramist is available to attend your surgery for a shade taking or we can see your patient in the designated patient area at our laboratory to free up your surgery time and to chat with them in detail about their perfect smile. So you can rest assured your patient will have the best result possible.

We have a photography suite fitted out with the latest in SLR digital camera technology and lighting specifically chosen to get the best quality photos, ready to take important shade and texture reflected images for us to work with.

We accept all intra oral scans so please do get in touch for a chat about your patient; to request our new client welcome pack and discuss either free postage labels or pick-ups times for clinics in our drivers catchment area.

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