How are dentures made?

Posted in Dentures, Guides, on the 12th January 2022, by Eleanor

Dentures usually take around 4-5 dental appointment visits to either your Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) or your Dentist.

Here is a rough guide for what to expect:

  • Appointment 1: after completing the admin to consent to treatment the clinician will take dental impressions of both arches of your mouth.


  • Appointment 2: your clinician will take a closer, more in-depth impression of the desired arch(s) to have a denture placed. Some clinicians also take an ‘occlusal registration’ at this appointment. This is to record how your jaws bite together. The clinician will use a block of wax that has been pre-carved to the shape of your jaw and align your bite. Your denture tooth shade will also be taken at this stage.


  • Appointment 3: you get to see a ‘mock up’ of your teeth in wax. Your new teeth will be set on a wax base and you can decide if you are happy with the appearance and the clinician can do final checks on how you are biting with the new teeth and make any adjustments. This is the last appointment to make any alterations.


  • Appointment 4: this is when your new denture(s) is to be fitted. You finally get to leave with your new teeth and fashion your new smile!


  • Appointment 5: can be used for a review a couple of weeks after the fit of your new teeth to make sure there are no teething problems (pun intended ?)

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