Can snapped dentures be repaired?

Posted in Denture Repair, Dentures, Guides, on the 3rd May 2022, by Eleanor

Can snapped dentures be repaired?

Snapped dentures can be repaired, but only by a trained dental technician.

Snapped dentures require a precise alignment and they need to be bonded with both chemical and mechanical retention. The process may sometimes even need a metal tag to be welded if the denture is partial. Trying to do this yourself could cause serious injury due to the toxic chemicals required for a repair. Not to mention the risk of it going wrong and then making your denture irreparable.

A qualified dental nurse can also repair dentures, but only if they have completed their extended scope of practice and received extra training in this. Please be aware that both dental technicians and dental nurses must be on the GDC register in order to repair dentures. You have the right to ask to know their GDC registration number if you want to.

For a quick and easy way to repair your snapped denture feel free to call us today. We can repair snapped, chipped and broken dentures within the hour.


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